Freeroam Unlimited V5.2 released!

That’s right, after way too long, I’m finally back with another server update!

The 5.2 update mainly brings fixes for many issues we’ve had before, but of course also new content!

So let’s get to the changelog:


  • Switched hosting provider to a more powerful server
  • Fixed a bug that caused some modded vehicles to have low health
  • The server will spawn the new secret vehicles at hidden places around the map via a random event
  • The server now keeps better track if you have the modpack or not and warns you every time if you try to spawn a modded car and you don’t have the modpack installed
  • Changed the default weapons
  • Fixed a bug where the player would not get the default weapons when joining
  • Fixed a bug where the server thinks the player is in a vehicle when they are not
  • Fixed a bug where the player would get randomly teleported to the position of a previous vehicle upon spawning a new vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where when 2 players join at almost the same time, at the end of the spawn sequence, the player that joined slightly earlier would get teleported to the person that joined slightly later
  • Fixed a method that players could use to escape jail
  • Fixed the /countdown command not broadcasting the countdown to all players
  • You can now use /checkpoint *diameter* to spawn race checkpoints for events
  • Admins can now spawn animated circles for events and other things
  • Enhanced ingame music
  • Added many more familiar random spawns
  • Parked cars now spawn with random colours
  • The /spawn command now brings you to your randomly picked spawn, instead of a predetermined location


  • Sped up the modpack check check when joining the server
  • Fixed the Pontiac Fiero GT not spawning
  • Added some more secret vehicles
  • Added reload world button to the map right click menu – this disables the booster wingsuit, go to V > tools > gear > reset gear to re-enable it
  • Added a nicer under-water filter
  • Added the V8 Interceptor from the first Mad Max movie
  • Added the A-Team van
  • Added K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider
  • Added the Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond
  • Added the debug Loochador
  • Added the Artillery turret
  • Added the Pancor Jackhammer Shotgun
  • Added the Snipex Aligator rifle
  • Enabled flares and beakons (open and close the map for the change to take effect)
  • Enabled detector (open and close the map for the change to take effect)
  • Added map icons for villages and outposts on the map
  • Fully loaded the unused bavarium sea heist test base
  • Improved loading of the benachmark gasstations debug location
  • Improved loading of the UI testwall debug location
  • Overhauled the Arwing jet
  • Fixed model loading issues and overhauled the Cybertruck
  • Overhauled the Toyota AE86
  • Fixed model loading issues with the Skramps van
  • Fixed suspension issues for the Opel Speedster and Lamborghini Countach


  • Laslocva on Turbosquid: A-Team van model
  • Mandun on 3dwarehouse: V8 Interceptor model
  • Laslocva on Turbosquid: K.I.T.T. model
  • Davershanean on Turbosquid: Aston Martin DB5 model
  • JoeGuy2.8 on Sketchfab: Cybertruck model
  • pro100den95 on Turbosquid: AE86 model
  • flow3d on Sketchfab: Car radiator model
  • Diamondzfriend: The 3 new weapons
  • Gigachad on VGM: Finding out how to make vehicle lights glow
  • AmbientCG: Misc textures

And some extra info, for the next update, version 5.3, I wanna focus on little minigames like races and deathmatch, that will release sometime later this year! I’ll take a little break from working on the server to focus on other things, mainly Project UP, my big new project! On the side of that, I will also work on updating some old mods to work on the newest version for the game again! But that’s it for this announcement, enjoy the update, and if anything that’s broken, please let us know!

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