Freeroam Unlimited

Freeroam Unlimited is what started it all

Freeroam Unlimited is the most feature rich Just Cause 3 Multiplayer server!

Over a completed and expanded spawn menu, to custom commands and a giant modpack to add even more features, it has (almost) anything you could want!

The spawn menu

Our spawn menu has anything you could ask for! The usual car spawning, but with some missing vehicles added, we also added NPCs, objects, animations and teleports!

We also made some commands more accessible by putting them into the tools section, along with a bunch of other useful actions, like changing boost power of your wingsuit and more!

The modpack

Since we started off with making mods, it was only a matter of time until we figured out a way to add mods to the server. That took the form of the Unlimited Whitelist. Originally used as a way to add some unused vehicles to the game’s spawn list, hence the name, it has now grown into the largest Just Cause modpack

It adds over 55 modded vehicles and several modded and unused weapons!

Not just that, it also enables several functionalities that were never enabled by the multiplayer mod’s creators, namely the bavarium wingsuit, sky fortress and grenades, with more on the way!

Even more to do!

But that’s not all! We also have even more activities like a treasure hunt and a few hidden things on the server for you to find!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us now and enjoy Just Cause 3’s huge world online with us and all your friends!

Simply find Freeroam Unlimited in your server list and join us!
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