Welcome to Just Cause Unlimited!

Just Cause Unlimited

is the largest and semi-official Just Cause community, created by some of the biggest fans of the franchise, bringing together everyone from casual fans, modders, content creators and everyone else!

What We Do


We create the best Just Cause mods around! Take a look at our large collection of mods and you’re bound to find something you like!

JC Multiplayer servers

We bring you the most feature complete JC3 Multiplayer server! It has it’s own giant modpack and adds a ton of useful features for even more multiplayer madness!


We make various Just Cause content, over funny moments, modding tutorials, mod- and unused content showcases and much more!

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So come join us!

Come join the community on Discord and Reddit and follow us on Twitter and Youtube so you’re always cought up on everything!

Recent news

Just Cause 1 Multiplayer has released!

It’s finally here! You can now enjoy the vast world of San Esperito with all of your friends! The Just Cause 1 Multiplayer mod has released last month, and has sicne received a few updates to make it more stable and fix issues that were discovered! The wiki for server creators is also still being…

Just Cause 1 Multiplayer is now in developement!

Did you ever dream of playing Just Cause 1 online? Some of you probably did, so let me tell you there’s no need to dream anymore! The amazing Tonyx97, who’s previosly made multiplayer mdos for Tomb Raider 2 and 3, is working hard to bring the 2006 classic online! There’s still a bunch of stuff…

Freeroam Unlimited 5.0 and 5.1 released!

Welcome back everyone, it’s time for some more updates to our Just 3 Multiplayer servers! Earlier this year I released the huge 5.0 update, and today I updated to 5.1! Both both versions are bringing more content, fixes and features to make the server more complete than ever before! So let’s break them down! Also,…

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