JC3MP Extras

JC3MP server auto restart and zombie mode handler

If you have your own Just Cause 3 Multiplayer server and encountered it acting weird after a restart, where it goes online, but no packages seem to have loaded, then that’s what was named zombie mode.

It does not happen very often, but when it does you have to manually restart the server. I’ve created two scripts, one to automatically restart your server, and one to check it for zombie mode and restart it if that happens

They are both on github, so give them a look if you have a server yourself!

Freeroam Unlimited commands

Here are some commands I made for Freeroam Unlimited you can use on your server as well!

Default JC3MP-packages

The creators of the Multiplayer mod sadly took down a bunch of stuff, one of these things were the default packaghes for a server, like chat, spawn-menu, etc
Don’t worry tho, we’ve got it all backed up!

Looking for even more packages?

Check out github for even more community made packages
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