Just Cause 1 Multiplayer has released!

It’s finally here! You can now enjoy the vast world of San Esperito with all of your friends!

The Just Cause 1 Multiplayer mod has released last month, and has sicne received a few updates to make it more stable and fix issues that were discovered! The wiki for server creators has been released as well so that anyone can create their very own server with their own rules, gamemodes, features, and even custom weapons!

Just Cause 1 Multiplayer is something we’ve been wishing for for years now, and we’re happy to see the game is still getting some well deserved love!

The madman behind this is Tony, otherwise known as Tonyx97 or TheAleutian. He’s been working on this all by himself for the most part, so go give his hard work a try! You can get the mod and all the info you’ll need at the JC1MP website below! Alsobe sure to join his Discord community to give him feedback and report bugs!

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