We are now the new semi-official Just Cause community!

Welcome to another update everyone! It’s been a while since the last one, but there’s simply not a lot going on around Just Cause at this time. But this is a huge update!

You might have known that for a while now, the semi-official r/JustCause Discord has been abondanoed by the moderators and nothing much was happening there, besides a few active people, a bunch of scam posts and nothing much else

However recently I got in contact with one of the remaining admins of the server, Swordslash. He told me doesn’t really have time to moderate the server since he’s busy with other servers he’s moderating. He offered us to close the old server and ask everyone to move to ours to have one central place for everything Just Cause that’s properly moderated

Of course we agreed and here we are! After we’ve been working hard to build a community for many years now, the work has payed off and we’re now the new semi-official place for everything Just Cause! We couldn’t be any more happy than this and would like to thank all of you who’ve brought us where we are today. And of course welcome to everyone that’s joined us from the old server and everyone who’s gonna join in the future!

We have many exciting things planned for the future, like movie nights, Just Cause 3 Multiplayer sessions and other events, mods and the big Freeroam Unlimited update that’s right around the corner! So thanks to all of you!

-The Unlimited team

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