We have updated our community rules!

We have reworked our community rules to make them easier to understand and more transparent, please take a look to stay updated!

Be respectful towards other members. If a member feels insulted by something you said (whether it is a joke or not), respect their wishes to leave them or the topic alone. You can ask help from a moderator when you take issue with an insult and can’t settle it yourself. The same goes if you believe someone is being unreasonable in chat. If you can’t solve your conflict without the moderator, don’t continue it

Keep the discord clean. This means no spamming, interrupting conversations with random messages or imagery, posting regularly outside of the dedicated channel or advertising your own discord without permission of staff members. If you have two or more busy conversations at once, use the thread function to separate them

Do not encourage the usage of pirating, drugs or other illegal subjects. Conversations mentioning these are accepted, but only in the NSFW channel. The same goes for adult content with the exception of talking about 18+ games. By joining the NSFW channel you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or understand the consequences if not

This server’s primary language is English. This does not mean that you can’t have a conversation in your own language, but you should be able to speak and understand basic English to communicate with other members and staff

Any violation results in a strike. 3 months after your first strike, all of your strikes will be removed – For one strike, you will be muted for one hour. This is a warning. – For your second strike you will be muted for a day. This is your last warning – As a 3rd strike you will be banned

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