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Luke JC

Hey it’s me, the mod man Lukas or Luke. I first heard about Just Cause 3 when a classmate talked about it and a week or so later a neighbor showed me the game. I was instantly hooked on the large world and “do anything you like” aspect

But I was fascinated with doing things you weren’t meant to do in games and especially unused stuff way before I started modding. I played with a bunch of GTA San Andreas mods when I was younger, mainly the Knight Rider mod

I started to really get into the game with the second Just Cause 3 Multiplayer mod open beta and met Hugo there, and later many of my other friends

The people that got me interested in modding are mainly Protato with a bunch of his mod like the enhanced rebel drop and swimming supercar and Chockad with his first person mod teaser, and finally Hugo who also did some modding before. I started experimenting with making cars swimming, and while making a swimming buggy for hugo I accidentally discovered it can drive under water, and so my first mod came to be. Later I started to get into more and more parts of the files and added mods to my JC3MP server, and that’s where we are now!


Hi there! I’m Hugo or Hugom2. I picked up my first copy of Just Cause 3 for PlayStation 4 in 2016 and immediately felt in love with the franchise. Soon after I bought it for PC and got involved with the very first demo’s for the multiplayer mod. Since it came out fully I’ve spend many of my days playing it with Luke and many others, and eventually ended up at what has now become Just Cause Unlimited

I have also done my fair share of modding the game (most notably the first person mod, movement+ and Citadel Corvo) and tried my hand at modding JC4 for a blue Monday only to find out it kind of sucks. Beside Just Cause I also play other games such as Fallout, Civilization, Satisfactory and occasionally Ark. To know more about the obscure things about me, visit the Unlimited Skramps Bible

While I am not as active on Just Cause 3 multiplayer as before, I still try to be available for anything you need help with. You can reach me on the Unlimited discord at any time, or feel free to direct message me (in English or Dutch). I hope you enjoy your time on Freeroam Unlimited!


Hallo! Tis I, the resident weeb. Better known as Durs

My first encounter with the Just Cause franchise was seeing it all over YouTube when 3 first came out. I begged my parents to buy it for me, and I eventually got my hands on the Xbox version of it

After a while I decided to get it for pc so I could try out all the sick mods that was coming out for it at the time. Only to find out my toaster of a laptop couldn’t even get past the first cutscene. Which eventually led me to save up, buy and build my first ever desktop pc

I played the MP beta a fair bit, but never really got involved much with the community. Only after 1.0 came out and I joined the unlimited discord server did I start involving myself

Unlike luke, and a lot of the rest of the team, do I not know much about modding at all. Most of what I do is focused on the discord server. Moderating, setting up bots, fixing things, hosting events etc etc. However I will still try to help out the best I can if people need help with things like installing the modpack, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Hope to see you around in the discord or on the JC server!

Community Moderators


Hey! I’m no. 2 of the bri’ish duo, Kate! 

I first found out about Just Cause through my older sister, who had played jc3 at a friend’s house! She bought it second hand for my PS4 in 2019 and watched her play through the introduction, then I was hooked! 

Saying the discord is centered around mods and JC multiplayer, I haven’t actually played on the server at all! Obviously the PS4 doesn’t have mods, but I will play when I get a desktop PC in the near future. I mostly interact with the community through my streams on Twitch, where I play Just Cause and a variety of other games, as well as on Twitter and Tumblr.

I’m into a variety of different games and series’, be it Fallout, Far Cry, Cyberpunk, FNAF, Animal Crossing and many more, so if you want to chat about any I’m happy to discuss!! I’m just a big simp half of the time, so beware LMAO

I hang around on discord a lot, and while I’m pretty new to things I’m happy to help with any queries or questions, so shoot me an @ if you need anything! Lovely to meet you, and see you on the server!

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