JC3 Mods

The vintage vehicle pack – By DasFistus, Jart and Luke JC

The vintage vehicle pack includes three vintage vehicles, that are either absoplute classics or just straight up awesome. These include:

– The Alfa Romeo Carabo
– The Lamoborghini Countach
– The Fiat 126

To spawn the vehicles, use the entity spawner with the following commands:

Alfa Romeo Carabo – spawn carabo
Lamoborghini Countach – spawn countach
Fiat 126 – spawn fiat126

The lost aircrafts pack – By Dean Moroney and Luke JC

The lost aircrafts pack includes three planes from Just Cause 1, that were never able to be controlled by players. These include:

– The Excelsior El Grande presidential plane from the final mission
– The completely unused Stirling STL-3 Octavio plane
– The also completely unused Fukada MH Roanin Helicopter

To spawn the vehicles, use the entity spawner with the following commands:

Excelsior El Grande – spawn grande
Stirling STL-3 Octavio – spawn octavio
Fukada MH Roanin – spawn fukada

Bavarium pack – By Luke JC

The third mod of this year’s mod marathon will add two new vehicles! A driveable bavarium missile from the missile cowboy mission and a corvette that shoots bavarium rounds

This mod contains two vehicles:
– Bavarium missile
– Bavarium Corvette

To spawn the vehicles, use the entity spawner with the following commands:

Bavarium missile – spawn bvmissile
Bavarium Corvette – spawn bvcorvette

Aircraft carrier – By Diamondzfriend

This mod adds a whole new aircraft carrier around boom island. No you cannot drive it and no it is not a wrecked carrier

Cyberpunk vehicle pack – By DasFistus, Jart and Luke JC

The second mod of this year’s mod marathon will add two new vehicles! Futuristic versions of the Vitesse and Quipozza, both with added abilities!

This mod contains two vehicles:
– Cyberpunk Vitesse
– Cyberpunk Quipozza

Super car pack – By DasFistus, Jart and Luke JC

Welcome to the 2021 mod marathon! We put 3 real world cars into the game for the first mod!

The first mod contains three vehicles:
– Lykan hypersport
– Zenvo ST-1
– Delorean

Just Cause 1 vehicle pack – By Luke JC

I brought over three vehicles from just cause 1! They are the original models and most original textures!

This includes:

– Hurst Dagger
– Bald Eagle Persuader
– Stinger GP Rioja

Just Cause 4 outfit – By Jart and Luke JC

This mod replaces the default Rico skin with Just Cause 4 outfit!

Di Ravellos Military (every enemy=Di Ravello) – By Hugom2

This is a dumb mod that I made as a request in a few minutes and I decided to share it. Every enemy is replaced with Di Ravello, and as an (unexpected) side effect he also shouts his usual lines to Rico. So far everything seems to work without bugs or issues

5 year modpack – By Luke JC

Here’s to five years of Just Cause 3!
I made four mods for this occasion so please enjoy!

This includes
– A shielded CS Odjur
– The AE86 from Initial D
– A ducky with Rico head
– JC3’s dev menu

Citadel Corvo – Map Addition – By Hugom2

After more than 1.5 years and hundreds of hours of work, I present Citadel Corvo. This is a mod that adds a giant base to the game on top of the tallest mountain. This base acts as a sandbox playground and does not add any objectives or missions. Citadel Corvo offers loads of optional build-in challenges and possibilities that can be done in both single player and multiplayer (with the mod), although the latter is recommended

Movement + – By Hugom2

This mod changes the way Rico moves with the wingsuit, parachute, in the air and on the ground. It does not change anything fundamentally. Instead the mod aims for giving you more control over your movement and make it move fluent in general. None of the changes are made to make Rico overpowered, all of them are meant to enhance the gameplay

JC5 Agency concept – By Jart and Luke JC

This mod replaces the default Rico skin with an agency styled skin! It also has a few eastereggs!

Skramps pack – By Jart and Luke JC

Jart and me are proud to present another mod! The Skramps pack!

It includes two vehicles and a rocket launcher! The Skramps car comes equipped with missiles and flight!

Fire leech winguit – By Luke JC

This mod replaces the default bavarium wingsuit rockets with a fire leech that also locks on to targets

It is inspired by JC4’s skystriker wingsuit

Psychedelic vehicle pack – By Jart and Luke JC

Jart and me are proud to present the psychedelic vehicle pack!

It includes five unique vehicles equipped with different weapons and the ability to fly!

Each vehicle has a weapon equipped, these are:

– Verdeleon: helicopter minigun
– Vistosa: jet missiles
– Quipozza: urga impact (custom weapon)
– Serpente: typhoon gun
– Cargoplane: corvette cannon

“More Scorpio” Skin – By AudibleSwiftness

I wanted to change some colours around a little bit to feel like Just Cause 2… which basically means black and red.  I also wanted to change the Bavarium Wingsuit to match the rest of the colour scheme

Easier Laguna Blast – By Jason

This mod aims to make it much less tedious to achieve 5 gears in the Laguna Blast challenge. It will do so by adding an additional 10 seconds to the challenge which also raises the starting score from 22500 to 23750

Black Hand spy skin – By Jart and Luke JC

This mod replaces the default Rico skin with a black hand styled skin! There are also many hidden eastereggs!

Restored snowmobile – By Luke JC

This is remaster of my very first mod i ever released to the public With all the things I learned between now and December 2017 I was able to improve this a lot! It comes with all snow mobile models and sounds. I was even able to make it use most of the original snowmobile handling! I had to alter a few things because this vehicle was apparently either scrapped pretty early on or when physics were widely different

Arwing jet – By Luke JC

This mod adds the Arwing jet from Starfox as a playable vehicle!

It is armed with heavy missiles and a minigun!

Tesla Cybertruck – By Luke JC

This mod adds the new Tesla Cybertruck to Just Cause 3!

Mech Ghepardo – By Luke JC

This is the fifth and last mod of the 2019 mod marathon!

The Mech Ghepardo comes with a VTOL ability, as well as a Mech Bavarium Splitter and is fully amphibious!

It replaces the regular Ghepardo in the game

Urga Impact – By Electro and Luke JC

This is the fourth mod of the 2019 mod marathon!

It packs a version of the Automat shotgun, that does not deal damage, but instead shoots targeted objects, cars and npcs away and is inspired by Just Cause 4’s “Sequoia 370 mag-slug” from the Agency DLC

Warship Whaleshark – By Luke JC

This is the third mod of the 2019 mod marathon!

This Whaleshark was inspired by Reddit user Sansgamer420 with this beautiful post and packs a VTOL ability, as well as a corvette cannon! It also comes in two versions: normal and invincible!

Should the cannon not work, be sure to spawn a Corvette before spawning this vehicle!

-> This vehicle replaces the regular Whaleshark

FH155-Rifle – By Electro and Luke JC

This is the second mod of the 2019 mod marathon!

It replaces the UPM61 with the FH155 Rifle, a compact and portable flak cannon

This mod was suggested by Ichigo! Also huge thanks to Electro for help with this weapon’s skin!

UVK Inkzooka – By Luke JC

This is the first mod of the 2019 mod marathon and at the same time the first public custom model mod!

This mod replaces the UVK’s regular model with the Inkzooka from Splatoon 1

Vtol Vistosa – By Luke JC

This mod will enable the regular Mugello Vistosa to do the following:

– Swim and move on water
– Vertical takeoff and landing (primary weapon button)
– Forward boost/”plane mode” (secondary weapon button)
– Outrun the game’s ability to render terrain

Fonte Bridge Beta – By Luke JC

This mod adds a bridge, connecting the first island (Insula Fonte) with the main island, Insule Striate, which is normally completely cut off, when using land vehicles at least and i wanted to see a bridge between these too for a while now

Urga Fura EMP – By Luke JC

This mod replaces the regular rebel Urga Fura with a weaponized version which is armed with both a minigun and emp-missiles

Additionally it is fully amphibious and has edited engine and weapon sounds

Missile Corvette – By Luke JC

This mod will swap out the Corvette’s cannon for the CS Navajo’s heavy and light missiles

This mod was suggested by @ComputerGottYT

Enhanced weaponized vehicles – By Luke JC

Using Protato’s weaponizing technique as base, I created five weaponized vehicles and added weapon models as well!

– Verdeleon 3: Urga Vulkan minigun
– Mugello Raffinati Vitesse: Capstone M2Hm machine gun
– Mugello Quipozza: Capstone FH155 flak cannon
– Stria Obrero: Corvette cannon
– Incendiario monstertruck: Capstone Artax anti air rockets

Enhanced amphibious vehicles – By Luke JC

This mod allows several vehicles to be able to freely move on water, similar to the CS Baltdjur
This version includes:

– Verdeleon 3
– Mugello Vistosa
– Kerner Serpente R
– Kerner Serpente R weaponised
– Mugello Quipozza
– Mugello Raffinati Vitesse
– Incendiario monster truck

The ultimate train – By Luke JC

The ultimate train is a mod based on the driveable train from the weaponized vehicles pack

In this mod though, it received an upgrade and now features an engine sound, many other sounds that were missing before, it is indestructible, has a new weapon icon and features enhanced missiles of the missile trailer, which are now player-controlled!

Ultimate map pack – By Luke JC

This is my biggest mod yet and will hopefully bring you a lot more fun with the game!

This mod includes all my previously released enabled mission-only and debug areas, improves them and adds a few new ones. It also removes a bunch of doors, normally cutting of areas or restricting access to areas

Weapon mix-up pack – By Luke JC

This mod edits the weapons of both the Thunderhawk jet as well as the Baltdjur tank
The Baltdjur’s weapon will now act similar to the one of the Reptile AAV from Just Cause 4, which is usable in the vehicle
The Thunderhawk will be equipped with two types of missiles, the heavy and light missiles from the Navajo helicopter, which can also be aimed

The Sparkador + weaponised quad & squalo – By Luke JC

This mod enables the Loochador to use the eDEN spark weapon!
It will have it’s unique look and also feature it’s default miniguns
I also included two weaponised vehicles, the Squalo and the Kletterer Quad from The Freeroam Unlimited December update!

StormFire vehicle-pack – By Luke JC

This mod includes two modded vehicles:

– A tank that shoots missiles aka Missile Tank (replaces CS Odjur)
– A helicopter that shoots wind aka Stormhunter Helicopter (replaces CS Navajo)

MediSea™: Water modifications – By Hugom2 and Luke JC

This mod contains a ton of fun stuff to mess around with!
From multiple tsunami flood heights, over an all new underwater car, waterfalls all the way to skylake stunt courses!

Amphibious cars + driveable train – By Luke JC

This version of the mod contains 26 vehicles that are able to fully move and steer on water while keeping their orginal handling and stats, 3 mostly working vehicles as well as a driveable train, missile trailer and two flatbed trailers with the same water abilities!

First person – By Hugom2 and Luke JC

It’s finally here! First person view for (almost) every situation in the game

Ultimate Vistosa – By Luke JC

This is the new Urga Vistosa, it was given to Rico after he freed Medici drom DiRavello. The bavarium powered Urga Vistosa F was manufactured by Mugello and Urga and provides rico a true allrounder car! They managed to pack most of the abilities into one single car, as there are:

-The car is able to Move on water, it will not sink and can push itself forward with it’s bavarium jump.
-A higher jump (jump upgrade one) to jump over almost all obstacles rico may face, and the rest he still has his weapons
-As soon as the car hits 180 km/h on a flat surface, it will take off and begin to fly -By tilting forwards, you can gain speed
-By tilting less forward, you will gain height; Atleast 150hm/h are required though
-By tilting backwards, you will loose speed, this can be used to land without causing much damage to the vehicle

Vehicle collection – By Luke JC

This mod adds special abilities to the Mugello Quipozza F, the Kerner Serpente and the Raffinati Vitesse:

– Mugello Quipozza F: higher jump, less gravity influence
– Kerner Serpente: Swims, forward turbojump
– Mugello Raffinati Vitesse: Gliding ability, stronger jump

Underwater Buggy – By Luke JC

This mod gives the buggy the ability to drive underwater!
So now you can go explore the deepest areas of the ocean by car!

AI controlled Ptakojester spawn gun – By Hugom2

Rico always wanted to have his own airline. After being tired of flying his own planes he decided to bomb… I mean liberate… the Di Ravello International Airlines HQ for fun and started his own airline. Now he can summon planes whenever he wants, and they are also have a permanent invisible bavarium shield making them invincible

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